Training Log: Week 15

Tuesday, September 14th: 15 minute warmup, 4x100s, 2 miles MGP (8:38/mile, 5:22/km), 4 miles tempo (7:54/mile, 4:54/km), 15 minutes cooldown. Total:  15.36km, 1:20:29

Wednesday, September 15th:  5km, 26:04 (5:12/km), 6x100s ~ 5.61km, 28:06

Thursday, September 16th: 15 minute warmup, 1 hour run, including 6×400 SI (1:55 for 400m, with 400m recovery), 15 minute cooldown.  Note – watch wasn’t working.  Total 15.4km, ~ 85 minutes


Sunday, September 19th: 1 hour run, 11.13km (5:24/km)

Weekly total: 47.5 km

Monthly total: 170.00 km


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  1. 1

    Reem the running machine said,

    too easy…no can do coach! Leaves me no choice but to run the whole week in tempo..

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