Training Log: Week 14 – let the tapering begin!

Tuesday, September 7th: 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 3×1 mile cruise intervals (7:28, 7:26, 7:25with ½ mile recovery), 3x800m speed intervals (3:35, 3:35, 3:30 with 800m recovery),7 minute cooldown.  TOTAL 15.14 KM, 1:21:11 (5:22/km) – Rolled my ankle on a chestnut.  Ligament damage and bruising on the outside and top of my foot

Friday, September 10th: 80-minute run, with 6-8 minutes TUT – 6 reps up Cedarvale park hill, 14 minute cool down.  Total:  17.5 km, 1:34:06 (5:23/km)

Saturday, September 11th: 4 miles, 6.44km.  33:42 (5:14/km)

Sunday, September 12th: 13.1 Miles / 21.1km, 1:58:56 (5:38/km) felt pretty bad with my heart rate up – probably still recovering from Tuesday’s injur

Weekly Total:  60.18 km

Monthly Total: 122.5 km


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    Reem the running machine said,

    not ready to taper…I like the brutal 32 km runs…

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