Training Log: Week 13

Tuesday, August 31st: 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 3×1 mile cruise intervals (8 minute miles with ½ mile recovery), 3x800m speed intervals (3:50 for 800m with 800m recovery),15 minute cooldown.  ~ 15.11 km 1:32:19 (6:07)

Monthly total: 354.52km

Wednesday, September 1st: 5 km, 6×100 strides.  Total: 5.6km, 27:00

Thursday, September 2nd: 15 minutes warmup, 75-minute run, with 6-8 minutes TUT (6x cedarvale park hill), 2km cooldown.  Total: 18.08km, 1:45:3

Saturday, September 4th: 4 miles, 6.44km, 36:41 (5:42/km) – 1st half 20:19, 2nd half 16:22.

Sunday, September 5th: 20 miles, 32.2 km, 2:55:16 (5:27/km or 8:46/mile)

Forgot my water bottles in the city, so I had to run in the cool rain with ½ litre bottle in each hand.  Music died out early.  All told, I felt good.  Ran the last 2 miles in under 8 minutes each.

Weekly Total: 77.43km

Monthly Total:  62.32km


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