Training Log: Week 12 – PEAK Mileage Week (It’s all downhill after this!)

Tuesday, August 24th: 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 2 miles MGP (9:00 average), 4×2 miles tempo (8:27, 8:28, 8:29, 8:29 average) with 2 minutes recovery in between, 3 miles MGP (actual pace, 10:32),15 minute cooldown.  Total 25.67km, 2:37:01

Wednesday, August 25th: 5 km (27:43, 5:32/km), 6×100 strides Total: 5.6km, 29:44

Thursday, August 26th: 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 90 minutes run, including 8-10 minutes hill running, 15 minute cooldown,  Total: 19.32km, 2:01:36

Saturday, August 28th: 4 miles, 6.44km, 36:02 (5:35/km)

Sunday, August 29th: 19 miles, 30.59 km, 2:53:15 (5:40/km, 9:07/mile)

Monthly Total: 339.41 km


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    reembo said,

    fucked up all my runs this week…missed a long run and a short one…could not get it together in brussels and was on a three day binge in amsterdam (don’t ask, but fun and expensive on the sitter!)…did manage 20k on sunday…

    back in st. germain so able to do the tuesday run in the forest.
    ready to be home..arriving wednesday..
    did not forget password…have no access to exchange program here and hell of a hard time writing on a french keyboard…the a’s and m’s are not in right place plus a bunch of twists only the french can think of…
    glad you are on the right track again and successful…
    looks like I have some catching up to do-and lots of detox.

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