Training Log: Week 11 (the longest week)

Tuesday, August 17th:  The Killer is Vanquished… 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 2 miles MGP (8:59/mile), 4×2 miles tempo (8:39/mile, 8:30, 8:29, 8:29) with 2 minutes recovery in between, 3 miles MGP (8:56/mile),15 minute cooldown.  Total: 26.41km, 2:32:31 (5:47/km)

Wednesday, August 18th: 5 km (28:18), 6×100 strides Total 2.61km, 30:17 (5:24/km)

Thursday, August 19th: 15 minutes warmup, 4×100 strides, 90 minutes run, with 6 repeats of the big hill, 15 minute cool down.  Total 20.89 km, 2:01:25 (5:49/km)

Saturday, August 21st: 7.25 km, 44:26 (6:08 / km ran with E)

Sunday, August 22nd: 29.00 km, 2:40:42 (5:33/km, 8:56/mile) – energy gels at 1:45 and 2:15, driving rainstorm, felt great.

Weekly Total: 89.16 km

Monthly Total: 251.79 km


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  1. 1

    Reembo said,

    You are going to make me go crazy with Tuesday’s schedule!

    Still fear them like mad! Simply put, Tuesdays always highlight how lazy I can be when I run.

    Leaving to Brussels tomorrow am which means I have to do the 5:30 wake up-usually not necessary here as it is darn cold!

    Got us some french power gels to try out. Enjoying running in Europe but missing Canada.

    Looking forward to running the 20 miler with you.

  2. 2

    What happened to Reem the running machine? Forget your password?
    Anyway, best of luck tomorrow. It’s brutal – looking forward to your return so I have a comrade for the 20-miler. I think those Gels are best ingested at 1:45. We hit the carb debt at 2 hours – that’s probably why I bonked.

  3. 3

    Finished the killer – hit all the targets – ready to sleep the rest of the day…

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