Training Log: Week 5

Tuesday, July 6th: Warmup 15 minutes, 4×100 strides – 2.92 km, 16:23, 2 miles MGP, 2×2 miles tempo, with 1 minute jog in between, 3 miles MGP 14.48 km, 1:18:44 (5:26/km), cooldown 15 minutes (2.37 km), Total 19.77 km, 1:50:07 – had to stop and walk during my last MGP session – ugh

Wednesday, July 7th:  5km – 26:52, 6×100 strides (5.6 km, 28:46)

Thursday, July 8th: Warmup 15 minutes, 4×100 strides, 2.93 km, 16:20, 80 minute run, ran 6×45 second hills and it KILLED my legs. 13.96km, 80:01 (5:44/km), 15 minute cooldown (1.97 km – walked 5 minutes), total 18.86 km, 1:51:21 (5:54/km)

Saturday, July 10th:  5 miles (8.05 km) 43:49 (5:27) – ran first 2.5 k with Elizabeth, last 5km in 24:33

Sunday, July 11th: 15 miles (24.15 km) 2:13:58 (5:33/km, 8:56/mile)

Weekly total: 76.43 km

Monthly total to date: 125.26 km


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  1. 1

    Reem the running machine said,

    Now that I know you are not inserting grease…will run all the miles, all the time!
    At cottage till Friday so I have to keep dealing with those hills that slow me down going up and down (god help my knees)…looking forward to straight terrain next week in the city…then back up to the cottage for wind surfing and more hills!

    • 2

      Reem the running machine said,

      Your week 5 training log looks more like week 6. Check your sheet.
      What really happened to week 5?
      I have been using your blog to do my runs-now I know you are not a reliable source..
      Looking forward to running with you in a couple of weeks.

      • 3

        My week 5 and week 6 are swapped, because I’m running a race this weekend. You should be following the week 5 list if you’re not running a race…sorry.

        PS – stop running in the middle of the day! I set my alarm at 5:30, and still lose 7 pounds of water on my long runs!

  2. 4

    Reem the running machine said,

    What distance is your race this weekend? Keep me posted on your result.
    I did not sign up for the Acura 10 miler which would have been this weekend as well.
    Ran at 7:30 am yesterday. Better….but not by much…

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