Training Log: Week 2

June 15: 12 min warmup, 4x strides, 10km 53:57 (5:24) :  Total: 14.58km, 1:22:44 (5:40)

Hammer chocolate energy – bleh – felt like I ate an entire chocolate cake

June 16: 5km , 26:31 (5:18), 4x100m strides: Total : 5.44km, 28:00

June 17: 15 min warmup, 4×100 strides, 1 hour run:  10.34 km (5:48) and 15 min cooldown:  Total: 15.34 km, 1:31:21

June 19: 6.44km, 33:45 (5:15)

June 20:  16.1km 1:29:31 (5:34)

Weekly total 57.47 km, 5:22:32

Month to date 138.13km


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  1. 1

    Reem the running machine said,

    Rock on Steve.
    I will be on your blog all summer.
    Best of luck, running partner.

    • 2

      Reem the running machine said,

      Ran the long run today (june 19)…16 km in 1:34:45.
      The last couple of kms were exhausting esp. since 1. I ran out of water, 2. I did not have an energy pack or drink, 3. It got really sunny at 2:30pm and humid….
      Weighed myself before and after…lost 4 lbs…napped for a solid hour…will run the 4 miles tomorrow…

  2. 4

    Reem the running machine said,

    Hey: Where is week three?
    Beginning to rely on this post to check the week’s training…
    Can you run on Thursday morning? I am available from 8:30-noon.

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